03.04.17 - EARNSHAW'S MAGAZINE | The March 2017 City Model 'Takeover'|

We are over the moon right now!! What an amazing surprise to have our #MUIGAI sisters on the COVER of Earnshaw's this month!!!! EARNSHAW'S MAGAZINE March 2017

We love you #HAYDEN & #HUNTER you guys deserve the world!
The sisters have a full spread inside the magazine as well - make sure you find them inside the issue too! PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Oliver Pilcher
STYLED BY: Mariah Walker

And just to top it all off ... someone SUPER DUPER CUTE has a FULL PAGE SPREAD thanks to Elegant Baby !! #ABEY looking totally full page worthy cute - - check him out on page 1 of the editorial!!

Weeeee!! AMAZING way to start off Petite Parade weekend, March 2017.

Dari & Li