Check out this awesome editorial in KIDS WEAR MAGAZINE

Magazine: @kidswearmagazine
Photographer: @kristinavaraksina
Stylist: @Juliebrookewilliams
Styling Assistant: Jamal Alie
Art Direction + Makeup: @thebeautymaiden
Hair Stylist: @kazukatahi
Sets: @espenoydvin
Location: @7linestudio

CITY MODEL: @sheina_2007

In today’s time earth crisis where we need to be more conscious and resourceful of how we wear our values because of transparency laboring conditions the best way is to wear the garments from our parent’s closets or the hand-me-downs from our older siblings as a way to start being sustainable. As a start to upcycling clothes to leave a less carbon print of damaging impact on our planet. Less is more for the youth generation to reduce planet waste. What would be left for the younger generation?
“Wear recycled clothing.”